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Friday, May 30, 2008

Electronics for “Fold Loud”

I’ve been working as an intern/collaborator with Joo Youn Paek at Eyebeam. Currently, we’re preparing another version of her “Fold Loud” project for shipment to the NIME conference in Genoa, Italy.

My first few days were spent designing a modular system that will make it easy for exhibition staff to install “Fold Loud” at the conference. I created two boards. One, based on modules Despina Papadopoulos designed for rapidly prototyping wearable applications, interfaces metal snaps to an 8P8C modular connector. The second board breaks out an 8P8C (also known as “RJ-45″) connector to eight wires so it can be connected to an IPAC keyboard emulator which triggers the sound samples Joo Youn has selected for her folding origami.

Fold Loud PCB 023 Fold Loud PCB 024 Fold Loud PCB 026 Fold Loud PCB 027 Fold Loud PCB 029 Fold Loud PCB 030 Fold Loud PCB 031 Fold Loud PCB 032 Fold Loud PCB 034 Fold Loud PCB 035 Fold Loud PCB 036 Fold Loud PCB 038

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