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Monday, November 27, 2006

Assembling Portfolio

We have something like three or four weeks until the end of the semester. I’ve been working to assemble my project portfolio for Spatial Design. As I flipped through all of the pictures and notes I’ve taken, I started feeling unsure of how to organize all of it into a neat package. How do I sum up “me” or what “I” have to offer?

I started out searching for other ITP Spatial Design portfolios and ended up discovering e-Portfolios. I managed to restrain myself before diving headlong into the world of personal content management systems. There is something about information storing, sorting, searching, and organization that grabs my attention. As I was preparing to start classes at ITP I gave my then “old” (meaning several months) wikidpad system a shake for Evernote. I tried out GoBinder, Windows Journal, and most recently OneNote. This has almost been an obsession for me. How do I store the information I collect each day. How do I organize it so I can find it again. How do I display it so others can get a sense of what I’ve been doing?

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Thursday, August 31, 2006


I originally titled this entry “Historic First Post”, but decided against it for several reasons:
- Silly sounding; no witty ring to it
- Pretentious
- Calling it “Historic” is in the same vein as William Golding (if memory serves) referring to The Princess Bride as classic

I’ve been in and out of ITP orientation this week. Next week is the first week of classes and also my part-time return to Crestron Electronics after an extended vacation.

It will be an interesting experiment to see how much I get into blogging. I write frequently into my private electronic notebook(s), but I’m not sure how much of the stuff I write down there will be appropriate for such a public forum.

Meeting the rest of my ITP-ers has been cool — diversity, energy, expectation.

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