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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Region Selection – a mechanical prototype

One of the motions I’ve been trying to represent physically is the selection of a region of audio. There are any number of screen-based ways to do this, but I wanted to create something mechanical that could do this.

posted by Michael at 7:43 pm  

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  1. physical UI widgets

    This is great, in performance or even an installation piece, physical UI elements would be really engaging.
    All of the same aesthetic quality of course, I can totally imagine this built to match your hand crafted pulleys.

    Gears and drive shafts, are pretty cool.
    I bet you could build a similar selection indicator with a pulley system only, which would be even more “in the same aesthetic”, but I think that a wider variation on the mechanical theme like this would probably be more engaging.

    Very steam punk still, which I think you said was not specifically what you were going for but it is a celebration of the aesthetics of machinery so I would expect some similarities regardless.

    I’ve always wanted to take one of my midi controllers and replace the knobs and buttons with big Frankenstein levers and knife switches. I expect you’ve already watched lots of the classic treatment of machines in movies, There is Metropolis with an eye toward the beauty of machines, but I also like Frankenstein for a little darker, but very dramatic view of technology.

    Comment by Hal Eagar — June 3, 2009 @ 11:47 am

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