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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Frame Prototype Final Assembly

Another building session. I took apart the second digital photo frame — and found a surprise: the frames weren’t identical. There were subtle (and not so subtle) differences in the mechanical design of the frames. Even though the exteriors were identical, the circuit boards inside, and most importantly, the thickness of the two LCD screens were different . The lesson I learned was when dealing with multiples, make sure they really are the same before making decisions based on an assumption that they are the same.

Pandigital Photo Frame Hacking-36 Pandigital Photo Frame Hacking-37 Pandigital Photo Frame Hacking-38 Pandigital Photo Frame Hacking-39 Pandigital Photo Frame Hacking-40 Pandigital Photo Frame Hacking-41 Pandigital Photo Frame Hacking-42

Fortunately, my cardboard construction allowed me to easily work around the problem. I used thinner spacers for the thicker frame and cut slots in the cardboard members for the extra cables on the second frame. In order to mount the detached circuit boards without precisely measuring the positions of screw holes, I simply laid the circuit board on the cardboard frame and poked a pen through the holes in the board to mark their positions. I used 18 gauge solid utility wire to fashion small stand-offs at each point I marked.

Pandigital Photo Frame Hacking-43 Pandigital Photo Frame Hacking-45 Pandigital Photo Frame Hacking-46 Pandigital Photo Frame Hacking-50 Pandigital Photo Frame Hacking-51 Pandigital Photo Frame Hacking-53

With all of the members glued down and the circuit board standoffs in place, I lifted up the assembled to test its strength.

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