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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beginning Work on Frame Prototype

One of the first projects I’m working on with Wendy is developing a prototype for a multi-frame mounting system for her cell phone video installations. Previously, she has shown her videos on individual photo frames, but is now considering how to package multiple frames into a single unit that is easy to ship to galleries and easy to operate.

One of the first things we consider is how close together we can mount the frames. I begin this investigation as I have begun many before — by taking things apart. Depending on how the LCD has been mounted inside the unit, I feel like we might be able to separate the LCD from the main circuit board and make it possible to mount LCD screens much closer together than we could if they were in their plastic frames.

Pandigital Surgery 001 Pandigital Surgery 003 Pandigital Surgery 004 Pandigital Surgery 005 Pandigital Surgery 006 Pandigital Surgery 007 Pandigital Surgery 008 Pandigital Surgery 009 Pandigital Surgery 010 Pandigital Surgery 011 Pandigital Surgery 012

One of Wendy’s other concerns is making the installations easy for gallery personnel and private collectors to operate. Presently, each frame must be powered on separately and the first movie clip must be selected manually. Would it be possible to chain the frames together somehow? As I took apart the frame, I had the idea that we could bring all of the infrared receivers together in a central location so that a single remote would operate them.

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