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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Maxed Out

I’m working on a personal art project for my final in Designing for Constraints. The following is my first prototype. I feel pulled in many directions simultaneously — with ITP pulling the hardest. The inner sphere represents me. The springs tug at me in all directions.

Maxed Out-14

I developed this prototype from a simple sketch:

Maxed Out-0

I built the prototype out of materials I already had in my studio:

Maxed Out-1
CD jewel case covers
Maxed Out-5
Old guitar strings and 24 gauge wire spun into springs
Maxed Out-4

Maxed Out-7
26 gauge wire wrapped around a still central armature

Maxed Out-10

Class feedback:
- Walls of the piece could deform under pressure.
- Piece seems performative — it may require my performance of the object to get its point across. A video might help with this.
- Stretch the box to its limits and videotape it as it breaks

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