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Friday, March 9, 2007

Reaction: Tuning Space

“Neuhaus aims for a tuning of sound and place as an expanded instrument”
- One of my interests is in the design of musical instruments that are readily playable in improvizational settings with very low barriers to participation.

“… making the experimental strand of musical practice susceptible to a different set of conditions and questions”

“Neuhaus invited an audience or listener to claim the work for him or herself.”

“At that moment [Public Supply I] became a group activity — a process of people making sound together, listening to it, and adjusting what they did according to what was going on. I think this is the heart of the musical process — this dialogue”
- Yes. I tried an improvizational music-making experiment on Tuesday night in my Designing for Constraints class which explored a bit of this idea.

“Concentrating on this field of sound creates a heightened involvement with a given environment, as a means of cartographically locating sounds, their possible sources, and their meanings, not entirely as communicable message, but as an environmental condition”
- Seems to echo Pauline Oliveros’ essay on deep listening. Listening becomes more than just concentrating deeply when experiencing music or sonic art. Perhaps I can make the comparison to an idea regarding drawing I read which related to the creative practices of Leonardo Da Vinci. I have experienced in drawing an understanding of the mechanics of that which I draw. Beyond the artistic composition of a drawing there lies a body of knowledge of the object of the drawing — the way in which that object behaves: response to light, intersections of its components, the dynamics of its motion. The rendering of an object’s image on paper draws upon this understanding. I wonder if the same is not true of sound: something of the structure and mechanics of an object are illuminated through careful listening.

“temporalizing space”

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