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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

(from Lisa)

We continue to work on the housing for the sensor. We explore other
options to the lucite house, as the machining of it really time
consuming. We go back to the lucite housing, and retest the sensor to
make sure it still works. Michael does some stomping. It still works.

The question is as to whether this housing will last long-term as
built. The area with the solder seems to be the new vulnerable spot.
(Before the “ vulnerable spot” was the connector.) Will our strain
relief stand the test of time?? Stay tuned patient viewers..

We decide to create 2 versions, one is as described above, the other
is heat shrinked.
We are almost ready for user testing! Woo-hoo.. We still need to
attach them to the shoes, and will be attaching one to the front left
and the other to the front right, and seeing which is the victor, in
the test of durability.

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